CoLab 2002 Meetings

CoLab 2002 Meetings

2002 CECM-CoLab Summer Meeting & Party

CoLab Regular Meetings

ACE 2002 Group Meetings: Wednesday 2.00-3.30 in CoLab

  1. NOV 20 (3.00-4.30) CoLab meetings at Colab: Steve Dugaro to demo Muse afteri planning for Nov 29 Open House.
  2. OCT 30 (2.00-3.30) CoLab meeting at NewMIC demos by Julie Tolmie and Rob Scharein in the NewMIC CAVE
  3. SEP 11 Colab update and planning meeting for formal opening
  4. SEP 04 Colab Muse planning meeting
  5. OCT 16 (2.00-3.20) CoLab meeting. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab will talk on his "Maple Function Wizard".
  6. SEP 25 and October 9th (1.30-3.30) meeting and open house
  7. SEP 18 (1.30-3.30) CoLab meeting at NewMIC and tour of NewMIC CAVE and other facilities
  8. SEP 11 Colab update and planning meeting for formal opening
  9. SEP 04 Colab Muse planning meeting
  10. AUG 14 Herre Wiersma and Josh Knauer (Parallel Maple), and Jon Borwein and Rob Ballantyne (The CoLab Advanced Preprint Server, Notes in PDF)
  11. AUG 07: Mason Macklem (Mathematical OCR, Djvu etc).
  12. JUL 24: Henry Daniel (SFU, School for the Performing Arts) on: "Performing in Virtual Environments with Technologically Mediated Bodies."
  13. JUL 03: Jon Borwein on "Best Practices in Electronic Communication." (CEIC)
  14. JUN 26: Lyn Bartram on "Human Computer Interaction."
  15. JUN 05: "Knots and whatnot." Rob Scharein on the Knots.
  16. MAY 29: "Social and Informational User Interface Constructs in Avatar based Virtual Environments." Steve DiPaola.

SAMPLE Group Meeting:
Wednesday 1.00-5.00 June 19, 2002.
Location: SFU CoLab

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