CECM Document Server: http://eprints.cecm.sfu.ca

Welcome to the CECM document server front page. We are currently running a generic test version of GNU eprints 2.2.1, which, pending future customizations, will become the permanent repository for academic documents produced by members of the CECM. These documents will primarily comprise preprints of papers submitted to journals, but will also include auxiliary content like animations, Maple worksheets, notes etc. The eventual goal for the document server is to embed such dynamic content in the server pages themselves, as well as having this content available for download.  When we have settled on an eventual form for the document server, we plan to link our site in with the existing technical infrastructure of ArXiv, an established preprint archive for mathematics, physics and computing science.


Herre Wiersma (email: hwiersma@cecm.sfu.ca)

Quick Start Instructions:

The Eprints interface is fairly intuitive, but if you don't understand how a feature works, your first resort should be the Eprints documentation. The purpose of this section is to guide a new user through registration and the basics of the server.


Future Goals:

Technical Objectives: