CoLab Infrastructure: an Overview

The infrastructure is housed at Simon Fraser University contiguous to the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics.

A main feature of the laboratory is large (greater than 50" diagonal size) touch sensitive, high-resolution display panels that permit users and researchers to interact directly with the panel rather than through the usual keyboard or mouse. Other input devices in the laboratory are interconnected touch sensitive whiteboards. In addition there is a large tabletop touch sensitive display.

Wireless Ethernet is being installed so as to permit laptops and other handheld devices to be integrated dynamically into the environment so that those devices become an integral part of the environment. Bluetooth and corresponding networking components are also being installed to permit additional devices such as cell phones, pages, and hand-held organizers to be well integrated into the environment.

Additionally, the laboratory contains various pieces of video equipment so that use of the facility may be captured and studied. The resources will also allow for production of video output to aid dissemination of research findings and to enhance telecollaboration. A `24/7' audio-visual link to a CoLab group at the New Media Innovation Centre is also being installed.