Research Team

Jonathan Borwein

Some of the most exciting areas of mathematics being developed today are those which involve emerging information technology systems. According to Jonathan Borwein, smart computing, data-mining and modern telecommunciations networks have re-invigorated many branches of mathematical research in a ‘democratic’ way, so that it has become a defining feature of almost every type of scientific inquiry.

As holder of the Canada Research Chair in Information Technology, Dr. Borwein will continue this democratizing trend in several key areas of mathematics, which could greatly assist researchers in other fields. Those fields range from distance learning, data encryption and electronic commerce to medical imaging, genome research and combinatorial chemistry. In each case, his work on topics such as the analysis of complex, multidimensional systems, computational number theory or optimization programs will be of interest to other scientists who can use these techniques to open up new avenues in their own fields.

Dr. Borwein has established an award-winning reputation for this kind of activity, as director of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM). (See his personal web page.) This unique facility promotes interdisciplinary studies in mathematics and computational science, featuring a highly dynamic Web site ( that makes these areas accessible and attractive to a wide audience. The centre even acquired a significant public profile several years ago, when
algorithms were developed in CECM to set new records for the calculation of the value of pi.