How-To Connect to the Virtual CoLab

  1. Install the muse client for windows
    • Be sure you are on a relatively fast windows os with quality gaming graphics card (i.e. nvidia chipset), openGL 1.1+ with multi-texture, high-speed internet connection and current installations of internet explorer 5.5+, windows mediaplayer 7+, quicktime 4+.
    • Goto
    • Download and install the client to, say, c:\program files\.
  2. Download vCoLab Avatar Personas
    • Goto
    • Download the .zip and .menity pairs and save them to the "/enities" folder of your muse installation directory (i.e. c:\program files\muse\entities).
    • Note that in order for all other clients to see your avatar, they too must have done the above installation. This step will be avoided once the CoLab has a dedicated Muse iServer. Currently it operates in <= 4-avatar p2p mode.
  3. Launch the Client, Setup Avatar, and visit the vCoLab
    • Double click on the muse client icon on your desktop.
    • Once loaded you should see localsitedef.muse in the url bar and be prompted to log in or create a new user.
    • If you don't yet have an account create a profile: enter your email address, First and Last Name and password (i.e. colab1234). On enter you will be prompted to select an entity. Scroll through the available avatars and choose your vCoLab persona.
    • If you have already created a profile and want to change your entity, in the bottom left click on: Menu > control Panel > user Profile and choose your new vCoLab avatar.
    • In the url textfield at the top type in muse:///
    • You will be prompted to load the sit with binary extensions, click yes.
    • You may need to click on the green button at the top right corner labeled "Go".
  4. Try some vCoLab Commands
    Navigation Controls
    [s] | Down ArrowMove backwards.
    [w] | Up ArrowMove forwards.
    [a]Strafe Left.
    [d]Strafe right.
    [f]Strafe downwards.</td>
    [r]Strafe upwards.
    Left arrowLook left.
    Right arrowLook right.
    Page UpLook down.
    Page DownLook up.
    [shift + mouse]Free rotate around the scene.
    vColab Specific Controls
    [shift + /] | [?]enter demo mode.
    [/]Cycle demo mode, once in demo mode.
    [z]Cycle through current axis mode {x,y,z,xyz} for embedded geometry.
    [x]Translate embedded geom along +ve current axis.
    [shift+x] | [X]Translate embedded geom along -ve current axis.
    [c]Scale embedded geom along +ve current axis.
    [shift+c] | [C]Scale embedded geom along -ve current axis.
    [v]Rotate embedded geom along +ve current axis.
    [shift+v] | [V]Rotate embedded geom along -ve current axis.
    [b]animate embedded geom along if animtion present.
    [>]Move geometry to next attach point.
    [<]Move geometry to previous attach point.
    [Shift+>]Cycle to next geometry in the embedded geometry archive.
    [Shift+<]Cycle to previous geometry in the embedded geometry archive.