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Learners' Characteristics

Center for Advancement of Learning
Learning Strategies Database; Content-Specific Learning Strategies for Mathematics.

The Math Page
This site references math   research / strategies / learning materials / resources / math links focusing on Math Learning Differences and related material.

Unlocking Math Learning Problems
Why do students with learning problems struggle to learn mathematics? Paper by David H. Allsopp. PhD., James Madison University.

About Gifted Learners
E. Paul Torrence and others studied the differences between the highly intelligent and those identified as highly creative. They found that highly creative children achieved the same level of success as highly intelligent children, even though their IQs were an average of 23 points lower. If intelligence tests alone were used to identify the gifted, they would miss 70 percent of the highly creative.

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
An official journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, devoted to the interests of teachers of mathematics and mathematics education at all levels-preschool through adult.

Math Bag
Student Learning Type According to Activity Sheet.