CoLab Scientific Visualization Research Team

WestGrid Advanced Collaborative Environments Members

Jérôme Bolte, Visiting Researcher.

Jonathan Borwein (PI), CoLab Leader and Canada Research Chair in IT, SFU.

Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, Waterloo Maple and CECM.

Scott Cowan, NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Henry Daniel, Research Associate, School of Contemporary Art, SFU.

Aris Daniilidis, Postdoctoral Fellow, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Steve DiPaola (Consultant), Research Associate, CECM, SFU-Surrey.

Steve Dugaro, Visualization RA, Faculty of Science, SFU.

Mohammad ali Ebrahimi, Research Assistant.

Clint Enns, NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Greg Fee, PhD Student and Maple Guru, Faculty of Science, SFU.

Will Galway PIMS Post Doctoral Fellow, SFU.

Chris Hamilton, MSc Student, Faculty of Science, SFU.

Masoud Harati, NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Vishaal Kapoor, NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Kostas Karamanos, Visiting Researcher.

Joshua Knauer, NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellow, Dalhousie University.

Russell Luke, PIMS Research Fellow.

Mason Macklem, PhD Student, Faculty of Science, SFU.

Rob Scharein (Project Manager), Senior Research Associate, CECM, SFU.

Luis Serrano, NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Julie Tolmie (Consultant), Research Associate, CECM, SFU-Surrey.

Herre Wiersma, PhD Student, Faculty of Science, SFU.

Team 2002